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I recently posted about a traumatic instant wherein I had to remove baby pigeons from their nest to keep them from drowning (some details below). I managed to return them to their nest, their mother returned and everything seemed fine, until I came home today to find one (the smaller, weaker one) had died. :(

What do I do now?

The problem is, their "nest" is a bucket filled with dirt that's on the floor of my balcony. I googled to find that mothers will normally kick any dead babies out of their nest, but that's not really an option for her here.

Furthermore, I don't want any decomposing pigeons on my balcony - in or outside of a nest.

So, I would think I should remove the dead baby, but I'm hesitant to do so, since I don't want to disrupt the mother's expectations (what she expects to find in her nest when she comes back) and I don't want to disrupt the other baby (which, though it breaks my heart to type this, is side-by-side with its dead sibling).

Sorry for rambling. This is a very distressing situation and any advice would be appreciated.
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