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One hatched young bird for the race???

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:confused: I was wondering if it is true that you must only allow one egg to hatch for your race entry instead of two? I heard it from a lot of good racers, fanciers, and breeders.. Then it confuses me.. They told me, i should dispose the other egg to have a strong youngster for the race.. Their reason is, the parents of the sole youngster will focus on feeding and getting the right nutrition for the sole youngster.. I was thinking of a foster parent for the other one.. This topic really confuses me, because i haven't done it before.. As a newbie in the sport of pigeon, i think i won't allow that.. I will be having my first ever race this year.. Please help me about this topic.. Thanks..
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I really don't think it is an issue, as healthy adult pigeons can and do raise 2 healthy babies in a clutch, if the parents have access 24/7 to plenty of variety of food and a good breeding mix in their nest box. I think if you have foster parents to foster the one baby and the parents the other, that is okay.

However, all parent birds and foster parents should be innoculated in advance and treated with prevention measures, prior to their breeding, as specified in my link on your other thread. They need to be of optimal health.
Thank you so much for the information..
Thanks for the information.. I also wanted to know what are the supplements and feeds that you give to the parents during the feeding period of the youngsters? Do I really have to remove the grits while feeding their youngsters? If so, how long? Thanks for entertaining my questions.. I really appreciate your effort to help me and other fanciers.. :)
whatever you do do not remove the grit when the parents are feeding babies
they need that
You will notice that the birds when breeding eat alot of peas,as peas are protein,and the parents know the babies need protein to grow..They also know the babies need grit,fresh clean water etc...All you have to do is supply these items,and the birds will do the rest...I buy extra peas,and add to my mix...Canadian,Maple,and Austrian peas are the best....Alamo
Thanks everyone for the information.. I believe i found the right site.. thanks for being accommodating to me and to all the fanciers.. :)
Kristian they are only telling you this because they don't want you to expand your flock and find out who are the good YB's of the year...Heck from what they say...Let the egg live and the best way you can do is give them as much food or maybe EXTRA food since the parents will be feeding them for almost a month...If you give the parents 3oz. of feed each feeding time when they are incubating, give them 6oz. and make sure the feed is closer to the one who is sitting on the eggs...The same way you do when they hatched the eggs, the one who stays on the babies gets the food closer to him/her...
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