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Morning I saw one of my best cock seating on the floor and not at his coop. He is my very first birds so he always let me hold me. I noticed one wing is little down and when i hold him i noticed right wing the upper joint is swallowed. I am not sure if he had a bad fight with any of them but I know he never gives up on fight.

I gave him foods but he wasn't much interested just picked few from my hand. I gave him 4 in 1, and he took water. I got him inside and he looked little cold.

Any body has any idea? Also in case if wings gets broken or some kind of damage for holding bad any idea about medication that could heal. What is good pain killer?

I try to keep my coop clean and i don't let them pick the foods from floor. They do get clean water and other vitamins.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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