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Dear Pigeon Fanciers,

Below is an email letter that I have sent to all the Senators who voted on this bill. The bill's details are in this email link:


Attached below is the list of all the Illinois Senators and their votes on the SB 2722-Municipal Control-Pigeons-I wasn't sure how to add it as an attachment.

NO. 135
State of Illinois
96th General Assembly
Senate Vote
Senate Bill No. 2272
Apr 01, 2009
Y Althoff Y Delgado NV Hunter Y Martinez Y Rutherford
Y Bivins Y Demuzio Y Hutchinson Y McCarter Y Sandoval
Y Bomke Y Dillard Y Jacobs NV Meeks Y Schoenberg
Y Bond Y Duffy Y Jones, E. Y Millner Y Silverstein
NV Brady Y Forby Y Jones, J. Y Munoz Y Steans
N Burzynski Y Frerichs Y Koehler Y Murphy Y Sullivan
Y Clayborne Y Garrett Y Kotowski Y Noland Y Syverson
Y Collins Y Haine Y Lauzen Y Pankau Y Trotter
Y Cronin Y Harmon N Lightford Y Radogno Y Viverito
N Crotty NV Hendon N Link Y Raoul Y Wilhelmi
Y Dahl Y Holmes Y Luechtefeld Y Righter Y Mr. President
Y DeLeo Y Hultgren N Maloney Y Risinger

Please email them and voice your opinion via visiting this link to get their corresponding email addresses:

Kind regards,
Al Croseri

Subject of Email: Oppose Amendments to Illinois Bill SB2722-Municipal Control-Pigeons

Honorable Senator Dillard,

Though I do not live in Illinois, I am writing today out of concern regarding Illinois Bill SB 2272.

I am an independent filmmaker from New York City. I have just released the first of a trilogy of feature documentary films, “The Pigeoneers” starring Col. Clifford A. Poutre, Chief Pigeoneer of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Pigeon Service, Fort Monmouth N.J., 1936-1943.

“The Pigeoneers” film trilogy is an homage to the bravery of homing pigeons who saved thousands of lives in combat in the Great World Wars. The films were developed to spread the message that these were extraordinary pigeons that performed extraordinary feats of heroism-warriors whose service to their country was recognized with the most prestigious Medals of Honor like the Purple Heart, Dicken Medal, and Croix De Guerre (France). The film trailer and further details are available on my website www.pigeonsincombat.com

In particular, I thought you may find this news story on Ed Schmidt from Elgin, Illinois of interest. Ed Schmidt was a WWII veteran from the "Fighting 279th Pigeoneers". Ed will be featured in my upcoming documentary film, the third of "The Pigeoneers" trilogy, which will be released in 2010.

Below is an excerpt of the article, "Bird In Hand" written by Charity Bonner, The Courier News, Elgin, Illinois.

Schmidt, 91, has spent all his adult life in Elgin -- except for the five years he was in the Philippines training homing pigeons to carry classified messages about enemy movements to different U.S. camps during World War II. The tactic was especially useful in the Pacific Islands, where the mountains kept radio signals from carrying very far.He still has several of the tiny 1-inch-long aluminum carriers the trainers would use to attach to the pigeons' legs. Please click here and scroll down to read entire story.

Respectfully, I greatly hope that you will take 90 seconds of your time to watch “The Pigeoneers” film trailer on my website and it will change the way you think about pigeons and that you will oppose the amendments to Illinois Bill SB 2272. This Federal Law was created to protect and preserve the legacy of the homing pigeons, the winged heroes of conflicts past. I encourage you to consider an amendment to remove the language referring to banning or prohibiting the right to raise and enjoy pigeons.

It is important that the legacy of the homing pigeons heroic war efforts be preserved and remembered.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Alessandro Croseri
Alessandro Croseri Productions
301 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
212 677 6833
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