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It can be paratyphoid. Any swelling in the legs? Do a 21 day treatment of antibiotics. They say baytril works best, but the amoxycillin will also help.

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Unfortunately couldn't make it and I had no choice other than put him down 馃槍.
Thank you for all your help馃檹.

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Next time give it something more nutritive, peas are far less nutritive than this egg patee, this is excellent for small pigeons until they eat seed and they love it.
Gold Patee: This is made mostly from egg, you need to mix it with a small pinch of water or milk etc...(this would be the binder) then compress the mix with a spoon (downward face) on a hard surface so you mix the binder and the patee so you get pieces, chunks of it that you can grab. You can then pinch the chunks to a small stick and show it to the young pigeon or you can grab the pigeon open its mouth and make it eat the piece of patee.

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Hi there I found two babay pigeons and start feeding them with mixed grounded lentus , quinoa, lentus and rice .
After 10 days one is growing good but second one got paralyzed leg and became skinny. Bother eating same diet.
I was wondering what could that be ? Some thing related Vitamin D deficiency or or deficiency?
I'm posting some pictures and would be happy if you could help me . I tried to sysring feed with water (added salt and sugar)

This is what I fed my orphan pigeon.
I got:
Kaytee baby bird formula
Carnation breakfast vanilla ready to drink shake
Kaytee dove food.
Parakeet seeds will work as long as there are no sunflower seeds with the shells on. Shells cause crop troubles.
I got 1 small juice glass, and a rubber dishwashing glove, and a rubber band.
Cut glove to size over top of juice glass with sides hanging over sides so it can be secured to the top of the glass with a rubber band.
Size a slit in the middle of the rubber topper secured to the top of the glass.. the former rubber glove, secured with a rubber band..
The slit should be only as wide as the widest part of the pigeons beak, so it does not run out the sides of the beak.
In the glass, put in 2 scoops formula powder, a couple teaspoons dove seeds.
Now add the protein l
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