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Please refer to post: https://www.pigeons.biz/threads/paris-the-pigeons-of-beaubourg-are-orphans-of-giuseppe-belvedere-the-pigeon-man.122956/

Dear all, very sad news from Paris, France:

Giuseppe Belvedere, the pigeon man who fed and took care of a flock of hundreds of pigeons since several years in front of Beaubourg/the Centre Pompidou Museum, died in his van where he lived on the 12th of January.

Although he is famous on photographs all over the world, he faced lots of difficulties: he lost his flat and himself and the pigeons were facing lots of violence within the hostile neighborhood because he dedicated his life to the pigeons, who now are starving in the middle of winter without their protector.

PLEASE HELP! if people from all over the world could write a message to the major, to let know that the tourists visiting Paris feel concerned about the pigeons and the story of Giuseppe.

Please ask for:
1- the pigeons are taken care of in emergency with allowing feeding temporarily
2- contraceptive seeds (R12) to stop the flock to grow
3- contraceptive dovecote
4- worthy funeral for M. Giuseppe Belvedere

Mayor of Paris Centre, Ariel Weil, 2 Place Baudoyer, 75004 Paris
[email protected]
[email protected]

Thank you for the Paris Pigeons!

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RIP M. Giuseppe!
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