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partridge found in NYC -- help needed

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My name is Judie. I'm a member of the Starling Talk board. They suggested that I pop over here and try to find some direction.

This morning, DH found a partridge looking into a store window next to our apartment. I suspect that it was enamored with its reflection. Anyway, 10 minutes later, DH was able to catch it.

Why did he catch it, you may ask? Well, we live in Chinatown. We believe that the bird escaped from one of the poultry stores. The condition of its tail feathers is consistent with a bird that has been caged. DH figured that if he didn't catch it, someone else would, and the bird's fate would be sealed with black bean sauce.

So, now we have a partridge in our travel cage. It is apparently healthy. It's a male, I think, and very pretty and fat. DH put some bird seed and some chicken mash on the cage floor, as well as some water.

I don't want to keep him, but I will if I have no choice. In the short term, I need some info on how to care for him. What should we be feeding him?

In the long term, I would like to find a rehabber, a wild-life sanctuary or even someone who keeps quail and partridges as pets to take him. As I mentioned, I am in NYC
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I may be able to find a home for your little guy. Can you post a picture?
That would be great, karijo! I'm at work now. I'll post a pic when I get home.
perhaps you can find a new home with a pear tree...:D....sorry could'nt help it. good luck with him and Iam sure beautiful bird.:)
The bird can eat wild bird seed mix or chicken scratch. He may also enjoy some greens and perhaps some meal worms.

Ha! If you didn't say it, someone else would. :)

Thank you for the input on what to feed him.
Here's a pic of Lucky.

I hadn't handled him this a.m. When I picked him up this evening after work, my arms were almost instantly covered in mites.

None of my other birds have ever had mites. I am terrified that they're going to get them from him.

How do I get rid of the mites?
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You can pick up Scalex from a pet store and spray him and everywhere he has been. Should take care of it as you have discovered them early.
OK, someone on Starling Talk told me to get Sevin Dust. DH will buy some tomorrow.

Mites. Yuck.
Charis, we must have been posting at the same time. I missed your comment.

The Starling Talk folks suggested that I avoid sprayed mite treatments because they're more easily inhaled. Thoughts?
I think it would be fine. I use it with no bad repercussions. Just cover the birds head when you spray. To safely put the spray on his head...first spray a cloth and wipe the head with the cloth.
Thank you, Charis.

Actually, someone on Starling Talk said I could use Diatomaceous Earth. Since I already had food-grade Diatomaceous Earth in the apartment, I decided to use that. I worked it into his feathers really well. Then I washed his cage out with hot soapy water and dried it thoroughly.
Well there you go... I'm glad it worked. That's what is important.
I hope it worked, Charis. I guess I'll know tomorrow when I pick him up. If I don't get swarmed, it worked. :)
In case anyone is wondering, I still want to find other living arrangements for Lucky. As pretty as he is, we do not have the space for the kind of horizontal cage that he will need long-term. If you're in the NY area and can help, please let me know.
Hopefully, Karijo will be able to help!

Thanks, for rescueing him! What a lovely bird. Don't think I've seen a Partridge on this site before!!

So glad he didn't end up in bean sauce! AND, will be lucky enough to find a home with a pear tree! (sorry, I couldn't resist either!)

Sure hope you got rid of those nasty mites, Judi!

Please keep up informed.

Wishing all love, hugs and scritches

Shi :)
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Thank you, Shi. He really is lovely. He's so fat! I can't get over that. Every time I pick him up I just marvel at that. I'm used to parrots and our European starling, which are not particularly tubby birds.

He seem less buggy today. Only one mite crawled on me when I picked him up compared to a virtual army last night.

He's eating like a little pig. We gave him chicken mash, seeds and some dark leafy greens. Alas, I have no grubs. I doubt he was getting any grubs in the poultry farm, so he won't miss them.
What a pretty bird!!!

<I have the pear trees!!!>
wolfwood, if you'd like a partridge for your pear trees, you're welcome to him! :)
He's beautiful...but don't know if this "city bird" would like it in the country (COLD country in the winter).:D At least he wouldn't have to learn a new HUMAN name .... I'm a 'Judi', too!!:p
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