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Jang's post made me wonder what people think about using paypal to purchase items online.

I used to have a paypal account back around 2000 when I was selling a lot of quail eggs online.

I quickly got tired of paying the fees and always worried about someone accessing my bank information and cleaning out my account. I had around 50small transactions a week and paypal really stuck it to me on per transaction fees.

Currently I ship around 12 orders of pigeons a week and a lot of people do ask me if I take paypal.

I have only been taking USPS money orders, because they are extremely safe and I use them to pay the shipping when I can cash them at the post office.

My bank charges me when I recieve a bad money order or check and about half of the other money orders I get are fake, so I only take the USPS ones.

How safe is paypal?

What are the pros and cons of using it?

Am I protected if someone uses a stolen credit card or someone elses bank account to pay me for pigeons?

How safe is it to access my bank account on line?

I have virus and spy ware protection on my computer and I do update them often and frequently run full system checks.

Thank you for your input.

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AS with you it has be Years since i used it, the charges did not bother me to much. Dave
Yea I was thinking of using paypal because i have a account, but don't know if it's safe paying money for birds..
Paypal is the best!!! I got ripped off by a guy on EBAY and Paypal went after him and got me reimbursed. Plus it is super control super safe. And from a sellers standpoint you can genereate receipts and packing slips and save invoices.
I use PayPal all the time
I have an account and a PayPal Credit Card and a PayPal debit card, I find them very safe and effective
Is the seller protected if the buyer pays them by fraudulent means?
pay pal is great and a real help as folks really like to use it, I know I do, it is so much easier to pay that way....as a buyer I look for sellers that use paypal, you just need to charge a bit extra to defer the cost of using it as a seller. it is just so much easier than having to put your credit card number in everytime you make a purchase. and you don't want that number to be floating around in cyber space.....I have never had a prob with any theft on paypal....it is safe.
I got tired of their (paypal) charges and someone, somehow got my account number from them and also my credit card number. Never again.
I have only been taking USPS money orders, because they are extremely safe and I use them to pay the shipping when I can cash them at the post office.
actually usps money order is the easiest to conterfit my bank told me. we ran a group buy and made everyone use usps MO because its mail fraud and a federal offense if they scam you. i had alot of money orders. the bank put a 14 day hold on the funds. they didnt tell me this when i deposited it. but when i went to withdrawl i couldnt cause of the hold.

and also dont always count on cashing them at the post office. if you have a $400 USPS money order and its early in the day when the open. there probably wont be enough money in the drawer to pay you. i run into this problem every time we do a big dollar transaction for the shop. its easier to put in the bank and wait the hold out. they may not hold them on under $100 checks but when your talking $800-$1000 money orders they will and if you go in with more than 3 from different people they hold them bout everytime.

good luck and pay pal fees add up if you do alot of sales. i wouldnt worry bout the 4% everyone adds to the pay pal to cover fees. your already charging a $10 handling fee on top of the shipping on your birds Kieth. that should cover the pay pal with adding any % to the total.... if your doing 12 transactions a week thats $120 in handling to catch your birds more than fair in my book. just do pay pal straight up. -chris
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i've been using paypal for years and years, to buy and sell on ebay, and it's also the only form of payment i accept on any pawsh dogwear purchases.

the two times there's been any issue at all with goods not received, paypal went after the seller, and got my money back.

one of my clients at daycare actually pays me via paypal. yes, there's a small percentage as a fee, but to me, the security and the ease makes it worthwhile to me.

and the being able to create a label online is the BEST!!! paypal has definitely made MY life easier, that's for sure.
If you are running a business, aren't the paypal fees deductable, as well as any other expenses incured?
I give paypal 4 stars! Easiest fastest way to get things done.
i use paypal all the time,because i sell on ebay,i have never had trouble with them.if you dont receive an item ,you open a dispute and paypal investigates and returns your funds.i give it 5 stars......
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