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Thanks so much. Are males hard to bond with?
I have a male and he has been very easy to bond with. It really is more determined on how much interactions a pigeon has had with humans. If he wasn’t socialized well it will take time for trust and then more time for handling. Just try to make every interaction a positive adventure. Sit by him, talk to him, just hang out no touching and then feed him and try to sneak in little head or neck scratches, but don’t force it, he may never like but he might you never know.

males are more prone to moody behaviors and pecking. Sometimes the pecking is a mating/flirting behavior and it is a good thing but sometimes the pecking is aggression and you have to learn the cooing difference. You can find videos on YouTube about this mating coo.

my pigeon will lay by me, preen my eyebrows, fly to my shoulder, preens my hand when I reach into his cage to give him food.

he gets angry when I put him in pigeon pants, trim his claws, or have to grab him for any reason. Typically he’s stand-offish for a day or two but if I try to touch him he pecks.

you’ll get to know Pepper, and he’ll be easier to read in time
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