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Vijaya, I am sorry that you lost one of your pet pigeons. As Treesa already said, the key factor being if the pigeon is familiar with their surroundings, they will return especially when they start getting hungry. I have 9 pet pigeons and most were raised since babyhood. One of mine is an older retired racer, but he is enjoying the rest of his life in a coop/aviary set up. His son Clayton sometimes is allowed to go out and stretch his wings in the open skies, but he always returns after a few minutes, and it is always on an empty tummy. My newest rescue, a female, will fly but not very far, I rehabbed her and she has been with us for at last 3 weeks, she flies but always returns to the top of the aviary, asking to be let in.

If you are familiar with my Tooter story that can be read here on Pigeon Talk, you can see that he was gone for over 7 months and returned to me. So don't give up hope.Sometimes we learn things in life the hard way. I made changes with my small flock I maintain because of my mistake.

There is a possibility your lost pigeon may have found a new mate and a friendly flock. I would not rule that out as well.

At any rate, keep your eyes to the sky.
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