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Just some general info first: Pepper is clipped. I keep him indoors and try to spend at least 8 hours with him a day. I'm hoping his feathers grow back in the Summer, but until then I help him in and out of his cage as it is raised and he can't make it to the door. He allows me to pick him up, he will eat from my hand, he preens while I hold him, and he allows me to pet him even when he is in his cage (only the top of his head though, otherwise peck). He is 1 year possibly close to 2 years old.

So even after all this, he gets scared(?) in the morning when I check on him before work and when I get back. He'll like... do this grunt noise and step away from me. So I avoid touching him or doing anything threatening until he relaxes, then he is back to normal.

Why does he randomly get scared? Is he scared? Is he just upset with me when I disappear (when I sleep or go to work)?

Any info would be extremely helpful.
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