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I'm a young artists living in South London and I'm not sure if it would be possible, but I would very much like to release some pigeons later this month as part of an art piece.

The original idea was to release either a pair of doves or a whole flock of doves in the park opposite the exhibition space in South London where the event will be taking place. After researching online I discovered that most dove releases are done using white homing pigeons. So I thought you might be able to help?

The gallery has a good reputation and there will most likely be a large audience for the release, including a number of professional photographers and film makers who would document it, and would I could arrange for them to give you the photographs and filming afterwards. I am also a painter and could provide you with art work if that would be of use to you?

The exhibition is put on at a not for profit gallery so I am funding it myself, and I don't have a great deal of money. However I could definitely pay for the costs and perhaps make some kind of donation to your organisation?

Let me know what you think anyway, or if you have any advice. You could reply on here or give me a call on 07813745024.


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