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Hello, this is my first time posting here - sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place.

I found an injured baby pigeon on the ground a few weeks ago. She was about 3-4 weeks, badly scalped, poor nutrition and was missing many feathers. Shes doing much better now (thank goodness) - she has a good appetite and good energy.

My original plan was to help her heal and release her. I can’t keep a pigeon in my current apartment, as much as I would’ve liked it. But then I kept reading about pigeons becoming unreleasable. I just didn’t feel right about releasing her anymore. My partner grew attached to her as well, and he agreed to keep her in his house. I visit and sleep over a lot - she gets a lot of out of cage time where she hangs out with him and me. I can feel that we are bonding, and it’s great.

The issue is that I’m leaving in a few weeks for 2 months. I’m a bit sad about her forgetting me. I figured maybe if I FaceTime a lot when I’m gone she gets to see my face… but I don’t know.

I’ve heard that pigeons don’t forget your face so easily, but will her bond (whatever bond we’ve created so far) with me disappear? Is there anything I can do now so that she doesn’t forget me? I would love it for her to bond with both me and my partner. I cannot get another pigeon to keep her company, but we socialize with her a lot. Just afraid I will end up getting left out.
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