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Pigeon can't fly - How can I make life more fun?

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Hey there guys!

I recently adopted some pigeons from my local wildlife pound. One of them (a turkish takla) had been found injured, wing partially eaten - bone could be seen - although it looks nicely healed, feathers have grown over it nicely. He just can't spread the wing fully be he has some control and it doesn't hang. He gets along well with the other pigeons and enjoys walking around the garden with his friends. However, when one goes on the fence, he looks up wanting to go there, but he just can't - he can only jump onto stones etc...

Now my question is, how can I make his life more fun? Toys? Going to be building a new cage for them soon, I'll be making little stairs for him so he can go up levels. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance :), will be posting a picture of him tomorrow.
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Hi There,

So nice to think you've got his well being in mind.
I have four out of six rescue pigeons that can't fly. I have just spent a few weeks making ramps and perches so that they can get up and down to the same levels as the other two.
One in particular couldn't manage a step ladder the others used as she is so small. so inevitably I had to keep going down to see her and pick her up when she wanted to go to join the others up on the perches and shelves.

Like you are intending, I made various ramps with ridges on for grip, and they interconnect at different levels so now she is totally self sufficient, and can get up and down to floor level as much as she wants.

I know people are concerned that they may injure themselves if they try to fly from a height if disabled, so do watch for this in the early stages, but I have to say that these do seem to know their limitations, and are aware of the fact they can't fly, so are all using the ramps now, both to get up and down. This seems fun in itself for them.

I will also be interested in what suggestions anyone else gives you for their entertainment as I am still trying to thinks of more ways to make their days more interesting and active.
They seem to like lots of nooks and crannies, any corners they can explore and look for food in too.
They love a bowl of water to bath in too.

I look forward to seeing your pictures,

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Sounds like great suggestions...I think, most important is for a disabled bird to have the COMPANY of other beings.

Next, the idea of stepping-stones, ladders, ramps so you can allow it to have similar access to everyone else.

A bathing tray or pool, as Amy' mentioned.

Sounds like, really, you have the bases covered. maybe just an occasional sprinkling/misting w/ either water bottles or a hose with a mist setting on the nozzle every few days (weather permitting).
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