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Hi there,

I too found a pigeon egg on my balcony. The frightended pigeon flew off for a few hours and has now returned. Does this mean that the egg is now no good? Seeing that it must have got a little cold in the evening.
The pigeon is not being disturbed now so she's sitting on it. Oh! I can't put my washing out!
Ha ha ha what a predicament!

Thanks for a reply.

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She will probably lay another one if there's only one egg. Untill the second one is laid, they don't always sit tight, but once there's two eggs, they need to be incubated 24/7 and will be by Dad and Mom.
Do you want them raising babies on the balcony? Better do some research and make sure..........there's lots of info on here. They CAN make a bit of a mess. That bothers some people and others don't care. So......do some research........;)
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