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pigeon eggs

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Could anybody tell me how many eggs a pair of pigeons should lay as my pair have laid three.
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Congratulations...you may have 2 hens!!

You either have two hens who have found companionship (1 more egg will be laid) with each other, or you have a couple, and some other hen has sneaked another egg in the nest.
Treesa is right about the 2 hens thing. A pair (male/female) only lay 2 eggs at a time.
or one may be an old egg that has not hatched and two are the new ones
All 4 eggs may be fertile.
Even though two females have paired up, they usually get some male companionship on the side.
When it has happened in my lofts, I have had good luck with them raising all 4squabs.
Keith, i have had that happen also. Dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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