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Pigeon Feed

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I am sure this has been dicussed before but I would like some input. I have kept a dozen or more homers for several years and always have feed a comercial pifeon feed. Either Bay-Mor WC11 or WC15. In the last year the cost has more than doubled and is getting close to triple. What is everyone else feeding? Are you buying comercial pifeon fedd or are you making your own blend? I have always gone up in protien during breeding season.
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From what i have learned, and tried. it is very expensive to mix your own feed, and you would have too much feed on hand to mix your own feed, go with a good Commercial mix. I.E. Min. one bag of feed of each type of Grain= 2 or 3 hundred pounds of feed. WAY to much to store and keep fresh, unless you have a lot of Birds....Dave
Feed pellets? I combine the following as my feed: chicken pellets, chicken scratch, wild bird seeds and peas. The components are obviously pellets, wheat, corn, milo, millet, sunflower seeds and peas. I can feed the pellets alone, but I don't want to do it. By mixing grains, their poops are better. I don't know whether pigeon pellets are cheaper than pigeon grain mix though. I did notice that Bay-Mor are expensive. I have to admit as well that wild bird seeds are getting expensive, too. They are like $18/40lb bag when I went to check Petco.
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