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Hi All,
I just moved to New Zealand an already missed our fantastic Persian (Iranian) pure and good looking high flyer pigeons :(
I am very keen to collect some pure breed pigeon for my loft here in New Zealand but unfortunately in NZ its really hard for me to find pure breed birds as I don't have any contact yet ! also importing pair of good quality pigeons to New Zealand is really hard because of regulations for importing animals, randomly I could find some birds in trademe.co.nz website but I have to wait so long to see a good bird! its not like US or UK full of good pair birds.
So wondering if any body in this web site could help me to find some good sellers in NZ to contact them?!
Generally interested to collect some high flyers for my loft and wanted Pair of pure solid white, Solid black and solid red high flyers, tipplers or specially icy beautiful Damascus pigeon,

(Also is there any body here could help me and send me some info for the procedure of importing pair of good quality pigeons to New Zealand :confused: )

In advance thank you very much for any help :)
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