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I had posted this issue a few weeks ago. The person who answered my query didn't think the wing was broken from looking at the picture. But the wing in fact is/was broken and has since healed in it's broken state.
The bird is completely healthy in every way. It eats well, drinks and runs around my construction trailer where she stays with me and all of my site supers. I've named her Arista, after the homebuilder I work for. Unfortunately though, there are many italian men here who thinks the bird would make for good eating and I won't have any part of that, so she is now under close watch by me and the supers. But the bird cannot live here forever, so if there is anyone out there who would like to take the bird and care for her, that would be fantastic. Anyone out there in the York Region Ontario Canada area who might be interesed, please let me know.
I can transport her to any surrounding area if need be.

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Hi Noelle,

Did you ever try an antibiotic, or did you take her to a avian vet who verified it was broke?

I have a hen who holds her wing exactly the same, it doesn't look broke until she tries to fly. I didn't know whether she broke it or not, I just didn't see her flying one day, but I did put her on a course of natural antibiotics just to be sure. Later on the rehabber told me it was a break, but one that was hard to find, and most likely wasn't treatable anyway. She can get up about 2 fet off the ground but that is it.

She is normal in every other way, too.

I hope you find a good home for her, it's a shame you can't keep her, they make wonderful pets.

Thank you for your care and concern over this bird.
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