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The rule in my city is no more than 20 fowls (pigeon) OVER 4 months PER ACRE of land. In this city vacant land cost 12k per acre if you buy over 40 acres or 40k for 5 acres.

Certainly I can keep them in my garage provided they are not flown and provided no one complains in which case one can be cited for ordinance violation and subject to individual interpretation by the inspector. I asked 2 city planners and both have different answer. I technically can convert my garage attic and have 5 sections of 8 x 5 to 6 or more and set up sky lights, vents, controlled heating and other state of the art amenities. Traps set in the roof like that in old style Belgian lofts set in their attic. BUT, one planner says that is OKAY because the rule is for OUTSIDE loft and what I do inside a house is not regulated and can fly the birds.

The other planner told me that if I fly my bird and a neighbor complains then the ordinance can be interpreted as a potential violation as the birds now are outside of the house. My local AU representative express his condolences and prior battles with the city or state were an exercise of futility. As the old adage goes, you can't fight city hall.

So what city or State have:
1. Lower cost of living than WI, tax etc.
2. Pigeon friendly with pigeon friendly neighbors, more competition/races
3. Safer

As a starter this is what I found:
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