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oh yeah very positive she laid 4 eggs while being with me since I got her in April. That's actually the weird part because I thought only males were vocal constantly.

She deff has bonded to me a lot I used to let her sleep out the cage and she would snuggle by my head or feet. but now I cant and this is when the noises are constant when Im not in her line of sight or asleep and she is in the cage.

the growling is just very different.

Some females are very vocal and aggressive like males when you approach their cage/nesting box. The sound your female pigeon is making is calling for mate its like "ho-oo-oor" and puffing their neck. First they start it slow and low and it keeps getting stronger and louder till their mate join them in nesting box. Most of the times male makes that sound.
I think you should get a mate for her.
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