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Pigeon hatched from repaired egg

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Does a pigeon hatched from a repaired egg grow weak and always get sick?

A lot of fanciers who race their pigeons are very picky. Even in eggs, they reject it if it did not reached their standards. Someone told me that I should throw away the eggs that I repaired using candle wax because it fell of their nest (another cock entered their cage and fight in there), because it will just grow weak even if it looks healthy.

I hope someone help me deciding because I don't wanna waste my time and money growing a weak pigeon. But I only had a limited time to submit a bird in a one loft race and if I wait for another clutch, I might submit a too young pigeon.
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Thank you so much for your response, Ma'am/Sir. Every successful fancier that I watched in an interview, they all said that in racing pigeon industry, weak pigeons has no room. According to them, weak pigeons should be eliminated in a loft.
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