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I'm looking for advice.

I live in a rooftop apartment in NYC, with access onto the roof, and I enjoy spending time out there on summer evenings. I share my rooftop with a group of pigeons - about 6 to 10 roost on my roof most evenings, generally round the building's AC units. I'm very happy with them in most ways, and have watched a couple of young birds grow from flightless squabs to clumsy but improving fliers this summer.:) They don't seem interested in food when they're up there (on a couple of occasions we've forgotten snacks and left them there and they weren't touched), though they seem to appreciate the water that the AC cooling creates.

The problem is that they do make quite a mess, and it's really difficult to clean some of it. Would providing some kind of shelter or pigeon house solve the problem, giving them somewhere secure to roost, giving me a little control over where they roost and saving the AC and cables from feces? or would it just encourage new pigeons to come in and create a bigger problem? and what about providing some source of water? would that encourage others to come?

I'd be very grateful for any comments or advice!
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