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Pigeon in a tight bucket, what should I do?

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I wasn't quite sure where to put this but I recently went up to my grainary and saw an adult pigeon in a 5 gallon bucket. It seems like it can't get out because I came back today and it hadn't moved. It may be able to get out, and just resting on eggs, but its hard to tell. What should I do?
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It could be that it can't spread it's wings enough to get any lift so, if you think the pij is stuck, you could watch from a distance for awhile to see see if it leaves and/or you could reach in slowly with both hands and GENTLY wrap your hands over its back and around it's body - holding its wings to its body as you lift. Lift it out and GENTLY put it on the floor. IF there is a nest in the bucket, you could tip the bucket onto its side and reset the nest on it's side, too. If there are eggs or babies, be careful they don't fall out of the nest.

Be ready for the pij to "wing slap" you and peck at you....but pijs don't 'bite' so, although it may surprise you, it won't hurt you. You also don't need to worry about catching diseases from the bird nor about the adult not returning if you touch the nest/eggs/babies - that's an old wive's tale! Just move as slowly as you can while still accomplishing your goal - it's wild bird not accustomed to human interaction.

Thanks for caring!
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Good suggestions. I think, don't observe too much longer, if it is stuck it's probably stressed and who knows how long it's been there. Even if sitting on eggs or young ones, if you got very close and it didn't flee, I think it's stuck, or ill.

I would take it out ASAP. if it seems OK, great. If you uncover a nest w/ eggs...oh, well..I dunno..you could either let it sit or just remove the eggs so it'll get the idea that bucket=bad place for nest.

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