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I am new here, doing a project about Washington Square Park and we decided to cover this rumored practice of kidnapping pigeons. From what we've been told it's for so-called "Pigeon Shoots" in Pennsylvania, where they clip their wings and treat them like clay pigeons. Sounds quite awful and was wondering if anyone here might have info on this? Or even first-hand knowledge?

If so, we would be greatly appreciative, there have been a limited number of people to reach out to on this subject. If you might contact me (I apologize if I'm not supposed to post my email here, but I trust this community to use it for good :) )

You can do so here: [email protected]

Also anyone willing to do a quick phone interview on this would be my hero for the week, having someone who actually knows about pigeons would be so helpful. Cheers!

New Pigeon Fan :)
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