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Pigeon Netting in NY, Message from NY Bird Clb

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For those members who may be able to contribute something towards stopping this deplorable practice;

As you are aware, Pennsylvania is the last state that still shoots down pigeons as "sport". While the 2008 legislature did not pass legislation to ban this egregious form of animal cruelty, we hope a bill will be passed in 2009 that will end this inhumane practice.

In the meantime, pigeons are being baited, netted and trapped from NY streets and transported over state lines into Pennsylvania for the pigeon shoots. As you can see on the Pigeon Politics blog, Council Member Helen Sears has provided the statutes of law which may make the act of pigeon netting a felony crime. I suggest that everyone cross post the laws concerning pigeon netting to all animal message boards, blogs and websites so that everyone can be informed as to what the law is. If you see pigeons being netted, please make a note of all information such as license plates, make of cars, etc. and if possible take pictures of the criminals and their vehicle. Please pass this information on to your council member with a copy of the law. We should not give up until Pennsylvania pigeon shoots are history and those who bait and net pigeons are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes.

NY State Agriculture & Markets Law Section 353 makes it a misdemeanor to torture or injure animals. Section 353-a makes this a felony if the circumstances demonstrate aggravated cruelty; and Section 362 makes it a misdemeanor to "throw, drop or place any substance that might wound, disable or injure any animal." NY State Environmental Conservation Law Section 11-1101 prohibits the netting of any wild bird.

Anna Dove
NewYork Bird Club

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