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pigeon on campus

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Hi all! Found a pigeon on campus, AGSG 265854. I do not have the bird in possession at the moment, but was able to pick him up and examine him - he seems uninjured, but very thin. I can take him in and give him food and water, but I live 15 miles away. So what should I do? Should I take him off campus, give him rest, then re-release him on campus when he seems strong enough, or should I let him be?
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Please take him in (doesn't matter how far away you live) and offer him bird seed and water. He will likely need to be found a home, but the immediate concern is for his safety.
Where are you located? Please keep the pigeon in your house until we find a member close by, we have many members that will probably help you, you can also read about the AGSG pigeons in this website is a sad story but please let us know what is happening, and Thank you so much for helping this poor pigeon.

Thanks, jenfer!

It was raining pretty hard, so right after I posted, my friend and I went back out and got him. It was kind of funny to see the professors' reactions (they know us too well, so they pretty much just rolled their eyes and said, "Now what are they up to?" when they saw us wandering the halls carrying a bird and asking for a box).

If I'm remembering how to read bands right, the little 06 means he's almost three? In any case, he has some food and water, and will be safe and warm in a spare cage until after class - at that point, the few fanciers I know should be off work. They might know something or be able to take him in.

I'm really concerned about how thin he is, though - I've checked his droppings for worms, but found nothing. Is it normal for a lost bird to be so skinny?
Thank you for your kindness shown to this bird.

He is likely starving, please don't give him anything to eat or drink,he needs to be on heat first.

Basic steps FIRST to saving the life of a pigeon:

Thank you!

He is currently warming in the bathroom, but I don't think it'll take much - he spent the half hour ride in the car with the heat on, and when I was preparing his cage, he got out of his box and hopped up on the dashboard. I was surprised to see him up there. :p

He was found sulking around the science building at Lock Haven University, in the middle of Pennsylvania. I know there are fanciers around here, but I wasn't aware of any active racing lofts? Maybe I just haven't talked to the right people...

Anyway, I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the site (first time here) - could someone provide me with a link (or helpful directions) to the AGSG story?

Thanks again!


If he's truly emaciated, withhold food and offer just water for now. Is his keel bone very prominent, like a knife? What do his droppings look like? Once he's hydrated and forming better poops, you can progress to feeding.

Thank you for the link, Terry!


His keel bone is VERY prominent (he's a very patient bird, as he put up with an examination from me as well as two separate professors, and we all came to the same conclusion). His eyes are bright and alert, and his skin seems fine - he's just not too keen on flying or trying to get away (poor thing) - but his droppings are very loose and runny.

I'll keep an eye on him over the next few hours (I won't make it back in time for class, but that's okay). Is there any sort of food in particular I should start with when he's ready to eat, or will just straight bird seed do?


I would concentrate on hydrating him right now. You can get some Pedialyte from the drug store and put it in a dish for him (don't let it sit around too long, though). Is he drinking well on his own? If not, you can dip his beak into the water dish to show him it's there, and he's likely to start drinking on his own.

Bird formula would be easier for him to digest than seeds at this point, but you'd need to learn the technique and have the equipment to feed it to him, so you'll probably have to make do with seeds. Some people (not me) use soaked dry dog food, which can be placed inside the beak, instead. I think I would offer him a small amount at first and gradually increase it so he doesn't gorge and overwhelm his system.

He wasn't drinking, just lying down in one corner of the cage, so I did dip his beak in the water and he took a good long drink, after which he sat on my hand and kind of wobbled - he seems a bit unstable, but at least he's dry and warm (and safe from curious passersby). Will keep on the hydration thing.

I did a closer inspection of his beak and eyes - nothing out of the ordinary, no discharge, and he's breathing okay. (There are other birds in the house, so I worry even though he's far from them.) I've put in a perch for him, but he seems uninterested at the moment.

I'm here until the rest of the house gets home (I really don't think I should leave him), but I can ask the neighbors for dog food if he's ready to try food before then. Bird formula wouldn't be much of a problem - I know someone who might have it on hand and be able to show me how to use it, but again, I have to wait until after five, when everyone's home from work.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help! :)

I didn't know about the dog food but cat food always help, I will consider right now the formula, I think will be the best and after the pigeon is able to eat better and by his own you can start with the seeds and the cat food, but right now I think formula is the best option.

Would you please take a picture? we will like to see how he looks right now, and thank you again for all that help, you are doing a great job. :)

I gave him a little to eat a while ago - he seems fine, and is now standing up instead of lying down and seems pretty steady on his feet. I haven't given him much, but it definitely seems to have made a difference. For a while there, he just parked himself next to the water dish so he could reach over and take a sip whenever he felt like it without having to move too much.

One of my birds is a dove, so I'll have no trouble providing proper food for him when he's ready. I'm more concerned about finding the little guy a home - from what I've been reading about the AGSG birds, I guess it's safe to say no one's looking for him. I'd keep him myself, but I'd rather see him go to a loft with other pigeons. I'll keep making phone calls - wish me luck! ^^;

Unfortunately, I am not armed with a camera, though I'm sure he'd pose for a picture without a problem (he's not a shy bird, though that might be a side effect of spending a day with a crazy college kid). I'll ask around and see if I can find a willing friend with a camera and a bit of free time. :)
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Would be so nice if you can keep him, obviously the pidgie is very tame, and you are taking care of him now so I'm sure he will be fine, and please let us know how he is doing and improving... :)

What did you feed him? Dave
Oatmeal to start. He seemed strong enough and hungry, so he's tried a bit of seed and has settled in for the night, looking quite comfortable in his little cage; I'll be keeping an eye on him to make sure he makes it okay, but so far he seems fine. He's not quite normal as far as activity and reactions go, but he's much closer to normal than he was when I picked him up.

I will certainly keep you all updated! He's had the phone ringing off the hook - apparently, people notice when you carry a live bird into a building, especially when it's a building where you know practically everyone. They all want to know what was wrong with him, if he's all right, and why I have to be so weird. I almost feel like I should get him little pidgie sunglasses and a star for his cage... ^^;
Thanks for the reply, i think Oatmeal is easy for them to digest, and it seems most birds really seem too know it....EVEN Quail! Dave
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