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pigeon reference guide

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I am new to the hobby and I am just getting started building a loft and i was wondering if there is a good reference book for beginners. I want to try homers and I am looking for reccomendations on what type of birds to start with.
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Just do search here on this forum. Almost everything is covered already. You can even read the pros and cons of stuff and people's experience. If you have a library you can search there. At my place we don't have those books unless I drive 45 minutes to the main library.

Without a book you can try these.

I suppose you want to start with loft concept:


For breeders get a good pigeon mix of 16% protein in feedstore. For the rest you can get 12-14% protein. Give your birds clean water and grit (pigeon grit with oyster shell) 24/7. For food start with 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) per bird except your breeders where you give them food 24/7.

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pigeon man..welcome to the site.

rod.. thanks for the links. i found them helpful.
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