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Today when feeding my two pigeons one got spooked and escaped the loft. I had put their food in a paper cone to pour it into their bowl because I couldn't find what I usually use, it scared them and one escaped, I should have know better. I called her name and held out my arm and she hovered for a second six feet away and thought about coming to me but flew on the building across the street. It was an hour and a half before sun down. I spent the rest of the day calling her with my whistle which I use at feed time, they know what it means. She hung around flying around a while then I lost sight of her. There's a flock of ferrals here so I can't tell who's who. I have had her and her hen bird friend for 5 months or so in a little loft on my balcony. They are convinced they are a couple and are very close. They are also very close to me and very tame with me and treat me as a mate also. They are ferral pigeons that fell from nests I've looked after since babies. They love their loft which has a trap which they know how to use. This is her first time out and Its not how this was supposed to happen. I'm really upset. I love her a lot. Today is a really ****ed up day. Trying to have faith she will come back. What do you guys think? Will she return?
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