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Pigeon webcam

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Well, actually a Peregrine webcam but the peregrine moved out and a pair of pigeons took over the nest.


The eggs have just hatched, it should be fun watching the youngsters develop and a real in site into the life of feral pigeons - so different from my pampered pidgies. As soon as my eggs hatch I provide food and water next to the nest to make life as easy as possible for mum and dad - these little birds are going to have to work hard to feed their young.

I just hope that the peregrine doesn't decide to return to this nest site!!:eek:

Oh, this is in the UK so Greenwich meantime for daylight hours.
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The web cam doesn't work for me. It says "not available in your area"......:(
Oh sorry guys. I didnt realise that webcams were area specific.:mad:
works for me but as dark nothing happing thanks for the link mate
Well, as addicted as I am to webcams, I know I would have loved this, but, drat, "not available in your area" popped up here too.
Same here. Not available in my area as well and the reason, like some other uk videos, is that they only want the British people to see it in their country. I suppose it is for locals only. I encountered those before which is really weird. I don't know whether it is something to do with licensing, politics or others. If it was a tv format, then I can understand because they use a different format there: they use PAL, and we use NTSC.
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