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Pigeon with a broken or injured wing

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Found a pigeon that cannot fly. Pigeon keeps the one wing tucked beside it at all times, and will not attempt moving it. It's been about a week and a half now, I've had it in a box with water and bird seed. It's eating and drinking every day and it is quite fiesty. It will hit you with the good wing when you go to put fresh water or food in the box, but it still has not moved the bad wing.
Will it's wing heal? What should I do to help it mend it's wing if anything?

Hopeful to Fly
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Can you post a picture of the bird from the side to show the bad wing?

The side you see in the pic closest to the camera, not the wing against the box is the injured wing. Like I said it keeps the wing tucked to it's side always.


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There are things that they can get that cause wing or leg immobility that are not trauma-related. We're talking bacterial infections that can cause arthritis-like conditions. In such cases (when you can't find evidence of a real injury), you can try a course of antibiotics. Frankly, Doxycycline works the best for me anymore although I once had one that I'd begun treating with that but I had to go away for a few days so I took that bird to the vet for an injectable Penicillin that would last a few days. When I got back from the trip, the bird's lame leg seemed fine and has been ever since (many months).

That is to say that I don't see some of the telltale evidence from your picture that anything's broken. Usually, those have a few different ways that they present.

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