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Pigeon with Green Band

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Hi...a pigeon with a bright green and permanent-looking band on one foot and a plastic green band on the other seems to have adopted us this week (tho haven't seen today). He let us get close enough to see AU 2004 and JAX 54XXX(didn't get last three) on the bright green band. Thoughts?

Lynn Seldon (Oak Island, NC)
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You can contact the club below. However, without capturing the bird, there's not really anything that can be done about it. And, without the complete band information, there's no way for the club to know who exactly owns the bird.
If you see the bird again and capture it, you'll have the info handy. It's most likely a lost race bird and will eventually leave to head home.
Are you feeding the bird?

Club Code : JAX
Club Secretary : STEPHEN POVANDA
State : FL
Phone No. : 904-568-0269
Email Address : [email protected]
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