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I have modified my original post:

I work for a Wildlife Rescue group and we just got in a homing or fancy pigeon (it had a band around it). This pigeon is pretty young and a nice calm little thing. I have taken it home to care for it because it appears to be sick. Nobody with my group knows what is wrong so were going to euthanize. I stepped in and took pigeon home to see if I can fix his problems. Somebody please tell me how to help him.

1. Has lime green poop which has tinged his butt area and underside of tail feathers.

2. Cannot seem to stand up properly. Kind of sits back on his legs and shuffles. Does not move around at all. Maybe his legs hurt because he just sits down all the time.

3. I could be wrong but he felt hot like he had a fever and was trembling a little earlier.

Otherwise doing ok, joints not really swollen, maybe a tiny bit by joints on legs. Was pecking at some seeds earlier, but does not seem to eat much. Keel is not prominent. Can I feed him exact or is this for babies only. He makes a noise like the babies do sometimes but does not look like a baby.

Please help asap. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Our group has access to anitibiotics such as clavamox and amoxicillan if either of these would help him.

Rachel. H

You can feed this bird exact. It is for babies, but many rehabbers use it to feed adult birds that won't self feed for whatever reason.
Someone asked in your other post to give the band information.
If you are like most rehabbers, you may have this pre-concieved notion that notifying the owner is a death sentence for the bird. I am a pigeon racer myself, so believe when I tell you that I understand WHY you might feel that way.
However, not ALL pigeon fanciers are that uncaring. MOST do want to know where their lost birds are and ARE willing to try to get them back home. If the bird is banded, it does belong to someone, and anyone who finds a lost pigeon is, IMO, obligated to try to return that bird to it's owner or at the very least, notify the owner that the bird has been found and go from there. I know if it was MY bird, I would want to know that you have it and would do what I could to get it back.
If you would like to send me the band info in a PM, I would be glad to send you the contact information and let you take it from there.
I suspect, from what you've posted, that you have a young (this year) racing pigeon that has become lost while out loft flying or maybe training. It's very possible that the bird isn't really that far from home.
Just from what you've told us, I would also suspect that the bird is just simply hungry from being lost and not knowing how to find food. Of course I could be wrong as it's hard to determine these things over the internet.
So.............my offer stands if you want to take me up on it.

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He is from Louisiana. I am going to call his owners. He is a 2009 bird.

He should be able to eat on his own right. Why would his owners have let him fly free if he is not eating on his own? or maybe he escaped.

I am going to feed Exact later but really feel something is up with his legs. Why would he not be able to stand? I mean weak birds can still stand right? I weighed him and he is nearly 300 grams. I have noticed since yesterday that he is not really drinking much and not eating much at all.

He sits on his elbows all the time and does not move. He can flap his wings but does not want to fly or just can't. He feels hot as I mentioned earlier. His wings and legs feel warmer than normal.

Is there anything I can do to help his legs. Is there an infection that can make pigeons unable to stand?

Sorry, I have many questions, I really want to help this guy.
Yes, he should be capable of eating on his own. I suspect that the bird escaped from the owner. We put these guys out at an early age to learn how to return to the loft, but if a hawk dives in after them, they can take off in a panic and be so far from home before they realize it and simply not know how to get back.
I honestly don't even know how much a pigeon weighs.......guess that's something I should pay attention too............I go by how they feel in the hand........
So, maybe there IS something else going on with this bird. With the green droppings, my first guess would be starvation and my second guess would be coccidiosis...........and both could be so severe that he wouldn't be able to get around very good.........although I've never personally seen a case that bad....but I don't do rehab work either...........:)
Can you post pictures or a video of the bird? So, if the bird is from LA, how far is that from you?
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