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Hi, welcome to PT and thanks for helping him.

Here you can find some info (diet, etc) and pics of wood pigeons.

How is he doing? Have you checked his mouth and throat with a flashlight as suggested? Any whitish or yellowish material/growths? Any bad smell?

Have you carefully checked his body for injuries? Sometimes they are difficult to find because they could be hidden by feathers.

Do the droppings have a bad smell?

Is he eating and drinking on his own?
Can you get some bird vitamins? I regularly use a supplement called Omni-vit Oropharma but I have never seen it in Italy. A good product available in Italy is called Piumedoro:

If you can get a supplement you can add it to his drinking water (you can show him water by dipping his beak - not over the nostrils - into a small bowl of water). Vitamins will help him to stay as strong as possible.
If he is not eating on his own you need to hand feed him.

Years ago I was suggested by a vet to not bring an injured bird to the Guardia Forestale because they would have euthanized him...
You could try to contact ENPA and ask for a vet available to visit pigeons in your area. Usually they are kind but just to be sure do not give them too much details... If they give you a name call the the vet before bringing him there... You know, just to be sure...
In all cases I would not leave him to any associations...

Keep us updated.
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