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Hello everyone, I just found this forum about pigeon and I was wondering if anyone could help me. Three days ago while at the dog park my dog attacked this pigeon that was already unable to fly, I got him out of his mouth and he didn't have any visible injuries and seemed ok, other than being really scared.
I've brought the pigeon home and have given him canary seeds, like the owner of the petshop that I went to told me to. I have added oatmeal to his good but I'm pretty sure that's not enough as his poop is very liquid and of a greenish color.
I've brought him to the local Forest Guard who said to just release him back because he's fine and likely too young. I honestly think something is wrong with him and he doesn't look like a youngster, he's pretty big, can someone tell me what to do?
Also he stays a lot in the second position, is he cold?
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