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I have a half Racing Homer/Dropper???? ( dont know the breed and i have no pictures as of now) I would like to give away....if somebody mails me a box I will pay the shipping. We occasionaly use droppers when needed and one of my homers hooked up with one on accident....well what i really think happened is when she was squatting down for her mate my most aggessive racer (in terms of wanting to mate) jumped on her before her mate could...

I have a blue bar racer with all white flights on both sides and the baby looks just like him almost to a T. If you look at my photo album its the bird i have named "Glendwood" to be the father. Anyway if anyone is interested just let me know...i am in no hurry so take your time to think about it. The bird as of now is 6-7 weeks old.

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