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Hi! I am new to the forum, and new to pigeons. I am interested in adopting 4 pigeons in January.

Does anyone here keep a flock of pigeons with their bantams?

I have a flock of bantams and they live in a very large aviary. Could I keep 4 pigeons with them? The pigeons would not share a coop. They would have their own loft in the aviary.

I keep the smallest chicken breed in the world Seramas and also a few other breeds of bantams.

I also have a bantam hen who is much less than 20oz.

In the aviary is also 2 ducks and 3 standard sized hens. The standard sized hens have been with bantams for a long time and are fine with them if I incorporate new flock members slowly. The ducks don´t care but they have a pool that is a large cow trough. Would the pigeons stay clear of this if I gave them their own water bathing source?

I can not free fly because I have hawk and owl families right near me which is also why I can not free~range my flock of chickens.

I have been told king pigeons are a large pigeon breed and could possibly get along with chickens.

Please let me know if keeping pigeons with chickens is not a fine idea.

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