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Some months ago there was a female pigeon that layed 2 eggs that me and my wife left alone and it hatched in our balconies late August this year. Fast forward till today, the baby pigeons could fly for about 3 weeks now if I'm counting the weeks correctly - we were hoping they'd move out of the balcony permanently once they were able to fly but they keep returning to the balcony close to dark (night time) and sleep where they used to be sleeping (we kept a small coop for them).

Initially there was 2-3 days we thought they didnt' come back and were gone for good and we were relieved. To our shock - we found out one morning the balcony was still filled with bird poop and they were up on our aircond compressors just right at the top of our apartment balcony. We shooed them with a stick until they go back to their coop, but i'm wondering is there a better way to get rid of them so they dont stay with us anymore.

If we get rid of the coop, they'll likely be up in the aircond compressor which is not a good spot for them to be. The coop is the lesser of two evils but they're basically holding our balcony hostage and we couldn't really use it for drying our clothes out of fear they would poop around the clothes! :(

They also have a mom and dad nearby around which only comes out during the day time. All 4 (mom, dad + 2 baby pigeons) are usually out flying and the 2 baby pigeons usually only return around 6-7PM (dark) to sleep...

Does anyone have any idea on what's the best humane way to get rid of them so that they don't continue to be in my apartment's balcony and hold it hostage ? :(

Appreciate the suggestions & thoughts! Thanks.
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