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My pigeons seem to love my ducks or the ducks dirty coop i dont know what it is!

A few feral/dumped birds started living with my ducks before the winter and they have room to go in and out as they please

Now that the weather is better i started letting my pigeons out and they have their own BEAUTIFUL loft with wood floor very nice loft big window I spend 2k making it

YET some of the birds want to go and live with ducks and the feral pigeons!

I dont get this the duck coop is mess of course i clean it but the floor is earth!!

Is this okay for my birds should i just let them move in with my ducks if they insist on it?

I think i know why they do it, the ducks will attack mice and rats and eat all the bugs and will protect their eggs very well from things, I wonder if the aggression makes the pigeons feel safe?

One insane thing is my ducks will NOT let chickens anywhere near the pen but the ducks allow pigeons to do whatever they want! THey hate chickens yet love pigeons? ITs so wierd!

These are muscovy ducks so they are very large powerful birds about the size of a small female turkey

some of my pigeons went and made a nest right on top of the ducks nest i was thinking of moving the pigeon nest to the pigeon loft but then i thought maybe i should not interfere, maybe the duck makes the pigeon feel safe?

My ducks are very aggressive towards hawks and crows also not that a hawk or a crow would go into the pen lol
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