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The following e-mail was forwarded to me, and I have been in touch with Layna. Apparently these pigeons were basically let go/abandoned by their owner. Many of them are white and poor in the flying skills department. Layna has caught 3 of them as of about 4:30 PM today. We need someone to take in these pigeons and care for them until arrangements can be made to get them to me or to Bart or into a permanent home.

If you are able to help by looking after these pigeons for a little while, please let me know.



I don't know if you can lead me in the right direction. My neighbor set about 10 domesticated pigeons loose yesterday. They have no idea how to fly, find food or even land on a branch. Unfortunately one of them was killed by my cat this morning. Is there anyone who can come by and get them? They will all be dead by the end of next week, this I am sure of, simply because they have no idea what a car or cat is. I'm keeping my cats in, but there are many cats in the neighborhood who have discovered the birds. If you can help or tell me where to find help... I'm in North Hollywood.

Thank you, Layna
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