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Pink roller??

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This is as good a picture that I can get. Wife wont go in the loft!:)


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Looks like a silver, or also Known as Ash red.... The Head looks like it is a Bald headed Birm. roller. Dave
it is a birningham with a bald head. he wasnt cooperating with my wife, who wqas taking the picture. his neck is a darker red color and it fades out onto his back and wing shields to a nice, very light pink color.:)
I have 3 Cock Bald Head Birms. that color, but it is not called Pink. Dave
It's spread ash red

These can vary alot and are referred to as lavenders, as some of them are a nice silvery shade of lavender.

i kind of figured it wasnt called pink, but it sure looks pink. thanks for telling me what it is called. mike:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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