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Please help me! Please read

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I have a pigeon that I rescued as a 2 day old when I was remodeling a house in Baltimore. It fell out of the nest and mom was no where to be found. My wife raised him from a baby and he is about 2 years old now . He has a splayed leg and loves to fly. We have him in a ginuea pig cage because he cannot perch and we let him out for 2 hours a day when I am cleaning the house. He is so tame and thinks he is human. He cannot fend for himself in the wild so I cannot let him outside.
I see you have pigeons and your setting is perfect for him. Somewhwere for him to be free and fly like a pigeon should. He has been vet checked annually and is adorable. I amn trying to find him a home where he can fly 24/7. The only freedom he has is flying because of the splayed leg. Eats great! I would pay the shipping myself top send him to you via Delta airlines. Is that love or what? Can you help me or give me any suggestions. He deserves better than 2 hours a day out of his cage! We are a small Parrot breeder in Maryland and true animal lovers. Check out our website at www.kswexotics.com. I would be willing to make a DONATION AS WELL. He deserves much better than I can give him. I saved him, now I need to find my pigeon a good home. please help.

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I see you have pigeons and your setting is perfect for him. Somewhwere for him to be free and fly like a pigeon should
Are you directing this plea at a specific member? If so, who?

I don't know much about pigeons, I just received my first 2 last week, but I think your wrong about him wanting to be free. He thinks of you as his mom. You are the only thing he knows. I have a pet starling that I have had a year now. I let him free after I raised him. He was free for 5 months, before I new better. Before I found Starling Talk. Your pigeon is imprinted on you. My starling came to me almost everyday outside wanting food. I found starling talk and learned that he would probably starve to death in the winter if I didn't catch him. He is now inside and has adjusted to inside living just great. He gets his free flight time and I can't imagine life without him. Its your decision, I just wanted to tell you my story. I love my pigeons I got from FL. But I plan on keeping them inside with me. Good luck on your decision. I know you are thinking of the bird. But I think the bird doesn't know anything different and is happy. min
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i would take him but i live in england
I have to agree with Mindy. Pigeons do very well in captivity and as long as they get some time out daily they are happy. Also you can get him a mate, then he would be happier. My birds have open cages, they can get out whenever they feel like it, but many don't they love to sit and cuddle with their mates in their nests.
If you feel your bird is not happy, I am sure you can find a home for him on this forum.

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