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Please Help!!!

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hey guys i just got home and went to check on
my coop and one of my babies (in a nesting box) was bleeding
the top of its whole head is was bloody i picked him up and held him for awhile he seemd that hes lost blood but was alright i put ointment on his head and put him back with his sibling. the pigeon that hurt him got out when my mom was checking to see if there was blood on his beak( there was and she let him go on accident). then i went to check on him again and he had fallen on the ground but wasn't anymore hurt(that i could tell so i put him back) if there is any substantail thing i am not doing or could do please tell me !!!:(:confused::mad:

how im guessing he got hurt was that the alpha male bird (that got out) went in the nesting box and cornered him and pecked him ~ there is no feathers left on the little guys head along with no skin~ i also am planning to take him to the vet if he lives through tonight:(

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I think it is better to keep him separated fro your other birds until his wounds heal. You will be able to watch him better and avoid him being pecked again.
You can apply twice a day antibiotic or silvadene on his wounds.

Also, you probably need to remove the alpha male as the situation/behavior will continue.

Is you alpha male mated and does he have a nest of his own?

If not, he should not be in the breeders loft, but with the single birds.
ya the alpha male is mated and does have 2 babies of his own. i checked this morning and the baby was alive but it looks lke he was pecked more during the night by the alpha males mate. we are now going to separte him from the other birds and keep putting ointment on his head.

thanks for all your hepl

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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