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Hello all, I am still at Bristol working hard! Having an amazing time! I'm also setting up a new Roots and Shoots group here which is a little work but so much reward! Our intro talk is next Wednesday and I will most definitely be including Pigeons in it!
I've entered a photo competition and it would be great to win! I would hugely appreciate it if you would vote for me at the link below!


Also, I'm currently in a dilemma. I have until January 20th to decide whether to intercalate or not. Basically it would increase the course from 5 to 6 years but I'd get a degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour in a year...plus points, I am a huge fan of Jane Goodall, Marc Bekoff, Jeffery Masson and Rupert Sheldrake and studying behaviour and welfare would be interesting and may be very useful in my future career (I would love to inspire people to see animals the way I, or we, see them) BUT it would mean leaving my year group and I do recognise that I am very opinionated! For example, I just will not accept that dogs aren't capable of abstract thought...I think animals are far more intelligent than has been (so far) scientifically proven and I struggle with explaining animal behaviour using the words..."instinct" "benefit" "dominance" among others and I love using the words "emotion" "feelings" and "sentience". If anyone on here has done a degree or research/evidence based training in behaviour and welfare I would welcome your opinion. I know I want to study to become an holistic vet in the future because I want to treat the whole animal with as much empathy and compassion as possible, but I also know I want to make a difference in a larger scale!

Thank You!
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