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Plump Enough 4 U ??

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Name the birds guys.....Splash & Dash !!...OR...Chubby Checkers !!!
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Birds? As in 'plural'? Are there 2 there? Maybe it's a '1 Headed 2 Birds"!!

Looks like a zeppelin to me . . . how about "Zep"?
The one looks like a "Chunky Monkey" to me............:D
I like Splash and Dash though...........
Plump enough 4 U

Name them Thickburger and Little Thickburger.
I choose "Dash & Chubby" for their names...
Great Names Guys/Gals....Yes,there are two in the picture...Their so "Chunky",you can hardly see where one starts,and the other one ends....hahahahaha!!!!......Alamo
What an overload of cuteness!!!

I have/had three pigeons named after tanks because they are obese, it's just their breed, though. One hen is named Matilda the other Panser, and the other...Sherman...:p
:p :pWhen they bathe they literally can float and will go round and round the pool when I turn the hose on in the pool.
chubba chubba and butterball
Cute pair of babies - they look so sweet at this age!
Plump Enough 4 U ??
Well, yeah for now... but it remains to be seen how much you'll be able to keep them that way...:)
Stay Puft
Deep Dish

Whatever you choose they are absolutely adorable! I love babies!
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Too cute! How about Puff and Fluff?
yasmine(age 7)says checky and fluffy
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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