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Hi everyone,
This is Polly, I live in the city in a small studio flat, one morning I opened my curtains to see this pigeon looking in at me, she was opening her mouth like a baby pigeon, so I threw some seeds and nuts into my garden and she hoovered them up she was very hungry.

Well, that was 3 weeks ago, and she is back everyday, she seems to fly over to the trees that are just down near the river, i think that is where she has her nest.

She is super friendly, and hangs out at my tree outside my flat all day, I am on the top floor so the top of the tree is at my flat, she never flies far away at all, she is always asking for food, she seems to get anxious if she cant have food even though she has just eaten an hour ago. So I have had to give her tiny portions as she is quite big.

It is incredible how smart she is, when she comes to the window to ask for food, she has noticed that I then go into my kitchen to get her food, she will hop over to the kitchen window or to the roof near the kitchen window and look in at me, then she will hop down to the garden where I throw the food out to her.

Although, there are other pigeons in the area, she does not hang about with them.
She also likes to play chases where she will either fly about my windows trying to locate me, and she likes to do the same to me.

One day she just sat on the tree in the pouring rain for over an hour, I was like Polly go to your nest your getting wet here, but she seems to be attached to me.

Sometimes she will just sit on my window ledge while I am on my laptop and she just seems to like the company. She now knows her name and will fly over when she is called.

I wish I lived in a house with my own garden and a little shed for her to live in.

She wont share her food and she has chased 3 magpies from the garden.

Sometimes I have to throw food to her so she runs towards it , while she does that I throw over to the magpies some food, as they seem starving, as she is just like a hoover. lol.

Once I saw her sitting on my neighbours roof she was like a foot away from a seagull. She is one brave pigeon.

Never thought a wild wood pigeon would ever become attached to a human.

But she is there everyday. Not sure how long she will be around me for, as she might one day fly off . But it has been nice having her company as I study from home.

She has a cheeky personality and is just super smart.
She likes it when I have the window open and the radio on, she likes music.
She also loves having a wee nosey into my home, I think she likes it.
Or she might be planning to try to chuck me out so she can have my wee studio flat LOL.

Anyone else have a friendly pigeon as a neighbour?

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She's beautiful. Her behaviour sounds quite a lot like a hand reared woodpigeon that's been released back into the wild (perhaps from last year as they only get the white neck patches after they're 6 months old). Woodys are usually extremely skittish and nervous not at all like feral pigeons you can usually get a bit closer to, so such a lovely experience to be able to get to know her.
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