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Poop problem

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Yesterday I took Hero, my handicapped pigeon out and he tried to walk on the ground. Then he pecked on the earth many times, taking some earth in his mouth and spitting out. After sometime I took him back in and today I see yellow spaghetty like poops. I read the thread on Poops here and found that it could indicate liver damage. He's having some liquid vitamin supplements also. Can that be the reason? He eats with fairly good appetite and drinks lots of water. Is there something I should do?
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Hi Surya,

I am glad he got a little outing.

Vitamins can affect the colour of the poops, brown and yellow droppings are often the result of Vitamin B supplements. It is the yellow urates accompanied by poor droppings that can be a symptom of liver damage. This would probably/possibly be accompanied by a poor colour to the skin and mouth membrane and weight loss.

Thank you Cynthia. I'll stop giving the vitamins for 2-3 days and see if the poop gets back to normal.
He loves outdoors,eats only if he's given a view through the window!
are you sure they were not worms.....I would deworm him anyway even if they are not......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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