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Poor pidgie

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Poor thing.....I'm glad it came off.

I don't agree with the comment they made, in regards to their scavenging to eat, that they will eat almost everything, perhaps due to their lack of taste buds. I don't think it has anything to do with lack of taste buds, but more to do with SURVIVAL, there is nothing else available otherwise they would probably eat a well rounded diet of legumes and seeds if it were available.

Thanks for sharing.
Everything about this pissed me off.......it didn't say it came off :( Then it went on to talk about a feeding ban, and some of the comments were just rude. BLEH I just hate most humans. I don't like to waste my time with anyone who doesn't appreciate and respect animals. You can tell a lot about a person.....
The only thing that came to my mind, is that probably the other birds can try to eat the bread from his neck, so that probably can help to remove it, I don't know is just too cruel to see it take a pic and not even try to remove it... but I have to say that are many good people out there too, I saw a small flock yesterday, and I had some seeds in my packet but not that much, so they were able to eat something, I went to the post office and when I left here was this old lady feeding them with bird seeds, and she was very obvious doing it and enjoying that, I always do it when people are not around or trying to be more discreet, but this woman was doing it in front of everybody, it was nice to seen someone that was not afraid about the law and others...

I think Ivor is right, other pigeons trying to share the meal will help break it up, unless it rained soon after and the bagel got soggy and dropped off. I'm sure the pigeon will be free of the burden now.

I too despair of the insensitivity of some people, and marvel at the courage of others. A retired teacher in my area spends more than half her pension on pigeon food, which she distributes at the local park twice a week. She laughs: 'People are always reporting me to the authorities. I've received more than 130 communications telling me to stop feeding the pigeons or face court action. Everytime I said 'no. If you want me to stop you'll have to make me.' And I've never been summoned to court. I think that would look terrible in the media', she says winking, 'what with my age and obvious handicaps...'

What a woman!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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