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more thoughts re: flying show breeds

Thanks so much for the thoughts so far. I was thinking, what is so special about the roller breeds, that the Old German Owl/show breeds would not fly back to a portable loft, if I only flew them when they were hungry?

I was reading about falconry, certainly no expert, but the relationship between the hawk/raptor bird and the trainer is based on food. The bird hunts/performs because the trainer will feed/reward it. Predator birds don't really 'home' but they do come back to the masters arm.

Won't show breeds fly back to a portable loft if trained from an early age, despite the breed? I'm only talking about them flying 50 - 100 meters away?

Does anyone know if show breeds will kit/fly together?

Yes they will 100%. And I believe that all pigions are gifted when it comes to navigation I mean just because a pigion is considered fancy doesn't necessarily mean it no longer has its original migratory skills. But hey heres a video link of a guy that has multiple fancy pigions trained to come to his hand on command including a
Fancy Egyptian Swift
the name of the video is (Egyptian Swift (Grace) shallow dives and high flying with kit of Vienna High Flyers)
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