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pouter/feral cross

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got a new addition to flock,,hes a small dark spread pigeon,we have christened him"cropsy",he looks like reg feral,but is shaped like a pouter and has been inflating his crop regularly!,he flies like a pouter,hes quite friendly and hand feeds,no idea where he came from,hes not banded,seems quite young,im wondering if hes a feral/pouter cross,he doesnt inflate in globe shape like a norwich cropper etc,his body is more erect and less cobby than reg pigeons,hes been here for about 1 week now,and he LOVES his food!his sitting on my shed roof just now posing and preening himself,im gonna try and get pics(will have to do the biz in library later as this computer gives me probs with pics)
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He sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see pictures of him and the others. :D
Sometimes injuries, not just genetics, will cause a pigeon to inflate their crops.
I have seen two rollers and a young homer that were hit by coopers hawks that have developed the puffed up crops.
The homer, was grabbed through the wire of the rabbit cage it was in. My fiend, Leroy, who owned it, stitched it up.
The homer actually leaked water after it drank for a while, but it survived.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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